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Happy Weekend

October 29, 2004

Blaine reappeared and dropped me off at the train station on his way to his lake house, Jenn is out of town for some much-deserved Halloween debauchery in Las Vegas, and after much perusal of theatre offerings, jazz nights, comedy stuff at Second City, and a good, hard, look at my bank account, I’ve decided I’d rather spend my holiday weekend at home, watching unlimited rentals from the Blockbuster across the street and doing line edits.

In all fairness, I do plan to have a more exciting life again when I’m thirty.

I think South Africa just really burned me out.

Anyway, for your further amusement, I will leave you with Anne McCaffrey’s WTF moment:

“It’s a proven fact that a single anal sex experience causes one to be homosexual. The hormones released by a sexual situation involving the anus being broached, are the same hormones found in large quantities in effeminate homosexual males. For example, when I was much younger I knew a young man who was for all intents and purposes, heterosexual. He was mugged, and involved in a rape situation involving a tent peg. This one event was enough to have him start on a road that eventually led to him becoming effeminate and gay.”

I think she’s upset because this guy wouldn’t date her. Do I really need to comment? Nah. Nick’s readers do it for me.



October 29, 2004

Check out Retro vs.

“We’ve established a clear link.”


October 29, 2004

This year’s scariest holloween costumes.

Oh yes. They did.

via roxpopuli

More Reasons to Like My Boss

October 29, 2004

Well, besides the fact that he’s out traveling 2-3 weeks every month, has been known to bring me coffee, never hangs over my shoulder, and takes great stock in my perceived intelligence in matters of reading, research, computer knowledge, and grammer… and seems to assume that I’m psychic….

Blaine burst into the office this morning and began downloading, printing, filing, and requesting help to do said tasks. Big meetings going on today, and he was about to fly out (our office is about 5 min from the airport).

He briefed me in his best abbreviated style about sending out an SOQ (Statement of Qualifications) for a new firm we’re talking up. I was also put on research duty, as nobody’s all that familiar with them.

“Work with Ned on this,” Blaine said. “And tell him to stop procrastinating.”

Ned: Regional VP mucky-muck.

Me: Lowly admin. who, until just now, had never heard of an SOQ.

“If you have any questions,” Blaine told the secretary, Cyllia, who was making folders for Blaine’s files, “just ask Kameron. She knows all about what I’m working on.”

This was news to me.

I had printed out some RFPs. I hadn’t had time to read any of them. I had no idea where he was flying out to, or why, though I suspected it involved one of our partner firms, as I worked on a powerpoint presentation with Rhea yesterday.

Oh well.

Let him think I’m a scary genius who knows what the hell a “microwave backhaul project” is… after all, due to great things like the internet, it never takes me long to catch up.

KJ Bishop’s Latest & Greatest

October 28, 2004

Vandermeer has an interview up with KJ Bishop, who’s book The Etched City, I recently finished re-reading. Great stuff.

Why should readers pick up your book as opposed to, say, just about anybody else’s book?

K. J. Bishop: Readers should pick up my book and someone else’s. Readers: buy a book instead of a pizza, or half a pizza, or whatever fraction of a pizza you can get for a few bucks these days. It’s a diet that works.

Yea. That’s why there’s 1377 books in our house, and no food in the fridge.

Breathing Space

October 28, 2004

Back to work. I’m so behind. My first drafts are always such crap.

Mixed Bag

October 28, 2004

Over at bluesmama, check out the lyrics for her “Blues for J.” You may also be interested in checking out the President uncensored (via boingboing).

Also, Amanda’s got some links up about voter fraud and directs us to Voter Video, in which those with video cameras are urged to catch Republicans challenging others’ rights to vote at polling stations. She’s also got up some thoughts on women, food, and anxiety, as does Hugo. I might post later about this one.

I also recommend: In My Arms, a web gallery of pulp magazine covers/comics, video clips, et al of men, monsters, and robots carrying women (there’s even a shot of supergirl carrying a woman). A fascinating cultural image.

And here’s a very good article about Bush’s bizarre Dred Scott statement in the Kerry/Bush debates. Yea, it was code for Roe vs. Wade (Bush intends to erode it), but if you take the pres. at his word, that the judges in the Dred Scott case were acting on matters of “personal opinion” and weren’t “strict constructionists” – you’d be wrong. The Constitution of the United States of America allows slavery. Slaves weren’t real people. These guys were about as strict on the constructionism as they could be. Check it out.

The Fighting Life

October 28, 2004

I’ve been kinda off this week. Maybe because I spent too much downtime this weekend – I should have gone jogging or gone for a bike ride or something.

After this week’s Monday class, I found myself too exhausted, hungry, and shaky to go to my now-usual Tuesday class. Instead, I made sure to eat well and sleep a lot to prep for tyhe Wednesday class. But last night, I arrived to class and found myself feeling weak and shaky and uncoordinated again. I slowed down, took several water breaks, and had that fleeting, “Oh screw it, I’m not going to finish this damn class tonight” thought.

We broke up into teams, and one of the warm-up exercises was running up and back down the back stairs of the building. It’s only five or six flights, but I was seriously dying. I was the last person back to class; I had to slow down my descent because they’re metal stairs, and I was really dizzy. I could easily imagine slipping up and cracking open my head.

Not sure what’s up with this – if it means I’m working too hard or not hard enough. What it probably means is I need to up my calorie count. Weather permitting, I’ll be going bike riding this weekend.

The good news is that I’m doing pretty well with my 30lb free weights in the morning, and I’ve been able to add another rep to each set this week. I’ve also discovered that my abs (though one cannot see them) are my speciality. Wednesday ends with partnered sit-ups while passing medicine balls from 4-12lbs in weight. This is tough for a lot of people, and not everybody gets through it without a break. But I’ve been doing abs every morning since I was fourteen. I think that at one point, in high school, I was doing 500 a day. I’ve settled into a comfortable morning routine of four different sets of 40, for some variety.

Hey. I gotta be good at *something*.

Where I Get My Games

October 27, 2004

Meetings, meetings, everywhere, but I’m not a part of them.

So, here’s where I get the games I play at work:

I recommend Zuma and Bookworm.

Also, I am quite partial to Mah Jong, but that’s just me.

Free Speech, Howard Stern, FCC & Etc.

October 27, 2004

Here’s another guy who I personally can no longer listen to, but whom I respect for Fighting the Fight.

Howard Stern set out from loserville nothing with a driving passion to be the highest rated radio talkshow host ever.

It’s good to have goals. You might get somewhere.

I listened to Stern for about 2 months with I was 19, fascinated at the idea that women were so eager to hop around naked on his show and have him and his gang decide what size their breasts needed to be. All the women sounded like little girls. It really started to get to bug me, so I stopped listening.

Note that: I didn’t petition the FCC. I didn’t flip out and start campaigning against his objectification of women who had (as far as I could tell) willingly agreed to be on his show. If they didn’t like it, they could leave (I could go on about socialized patriarchy, but I won’t, cause I’m preaching Free Speech here).

As many have heard, Stern is moving to satellite radio after the latest huge fine from the FCC about his radio programming. Stern caught the commissioner of the FCC on a radio show, and – being Howard Stern – called in to confront him. Stern rightly points out that if he’s been fired for talking about sexual function on the air, then Oprah should be getting fined too (her case is currently pending – Stern didn’t even get to take his to court). Check out the side-by-side transcripts of both snippets in question at Stern’s site (it’s the usual – oral and anal sex, and blah-de-blah-blah-blah).

Personally, *I* find these sorts of radio and tv segments really educational. I mean, I like to know the current lingo: I’d heard of tossing salad, but a rainbow? This is useful information. I’m going to be able to understand more jokes. It helps me become a well-rounded American.

And you know what: being an American consumer, if I *don’t* want to know these interesting tidbits, I’ll turn off the radio. Or turn off the tv. There’s shit on the air all the time that I find offensive and just plain stupid – I don’t watch it. I don’t ask that it be taken off the air, because it’s not stirring up hate against other people (so far as I know), and it’s entertaining somebody out there.

It’s like abortion. If you don’t believe in abortion – don’t have one.

It’s that simple.

Oh, of course, I realize it’s NOT that simple. When South Africa was drawing up its new media regulations post 1990, they very nearly let it run without an “obscenity” clause. Women’s groups got worried about violent acts against women being aired right alongside sesame street. Now, you can get all sorts of goodies after 10pm (like naked guys in Cape Town – yes, I mean all-over naked), and swearing (there are 11 official languages in South Africa), but the soap-opera that depicted a rape scene got a lot of flack (one in three women in South Africa will be raped in her lifetime). Obscenity had less to do with showing beautiful body parts and more to do with banning depictions of overt sexualized violence.

I don’t know how promoting fear and disgust of the human body is helping anybody in this country.

One thing that Jenn thought was interesting about the Stern discussion: Stern asked why the FCC didn’t fine Janet Jackson for bearing her breast on television, but fined the station instead.

Jenn retorted, “Why are they blaming Janet Jackson?”

After all, it was Justin who ripped off her top.

Funny how people forget that.

Evil sexual woman.