Speaking of Kicking It….

I was so proud of myself last week! Hardly sore at all after class! I mean, after two days of not being able to walk after my first MA class, the fact that I could get around without much soreness after my second class felt great!

And then I had that third class, where we literally spent over an hour on kicking drills and then when we moved to doing combinations, because this is Muay Thai, the combinations involved – you guessed it – punching and more kicking.

Oddly enough, I didn’t start to really feel it until last night, when my hips started to hurt and I realized I was having trouble getting up out of chairs. This morning when I got up, I actually physically pulled my left leg out of bed. You know, just to help it a little.

Oh man. The left leg is in the worst shape, of course. Not my calves, mind, just the hips. It was the calves that killed me after the first class (that’s what 10 minutes of jumping jacks will do), but nearly two hours of class, with all those damned kicking drills… it’s the hips that are killing me.

Boy, I love being back at this.


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