Things that aren’t silly unless you do them all at once…

… take 7 credits worth of community college classes (4 of those being Economics, with graphs. I won’t tell you what my last quiz score was, but I did pass the first test) while leading a work project projected to bring in eight figures, moving to a new place (you wouldn’t believe the amount of shit you realize you need when you go from renting a room to being an actual Adult), finishing the second book of a 3-book contract, attempt a social life, and work out how I’m going to pay for a gaming computer next month when the stimulus check comes in (Ok, I will prob’ly put the check toward my big credit card in the end, but it’s fun to dream).

Honestly, one class a quarter when you have a full time job and a book contract to fulfill is… more than enough. Two was…


The rest of it is just par for the course.


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