It occurred to me today that I’d told my sister many years ago that I’d get a second piercing in my upper ear to match the one I got for Clarion when I sold my first book. I still like this idea for commemorating my first book.

I’m also thinking every writer needs a cool tattoo. And being 30 with a published book is as good an excuse as any.

I’ll need to ask the Bad Boy at work if he knows of any good places around Dayton for such shenanigans. I have a feeling that in order to find any place great, I’d need to go to Columbus.


(also, it will not be a stupid ankle tattoo. Or a stupid lower back tattoo. It will not be of a heart, a butterfly, or a fucking flower. I mean, seriously, what’s up with that?? If you’re gonna do it, it better fucking mean something)


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