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Parasite Induces Host to Suicide

August 31, 2008

Ways our behavior is altered by parasites, starting with the humble grasshopper.


Guns of All Sorts

August 31, 2008

Guns, quirky.

An Open Letter to Baristas Everywhere

August 31, 2008

When I say I’d like sugarfree syrup, it’s not because I’m being an annoying hippie. Please do not give me regular instead and tell me it’s sugarfree.

The next time I test my sugar and it comes up, inexplicably, over 200, it’s you I will thank, vociferously.

Thank you.


August 31, 2008

That was a bloody hard-fought thousand words, man.

The problem with getting to the end of this book is, I’ve already written all of the big fun scenes, and now my entire word count consists of all the boring but necessary transition scenes and touchups where I’m stringing them all together.

It’s like swimming through amber.

More words will be written shortly. Time for a pancakes-for-dinner break.

Sunday Swimming

August 31, 2008

10 minutes of swimming sounds really easy when you see it on your training schedule, especially when you’ve done 20 min jogging followed by 20 min biking twice the week before.

But whoa boy, seriously.

I haven’t done more than the 5 min of lap swimming I did last week since… since… I was about 11 years old and still doing swimming lessons. Biking I do everyday, and I’m not a total stranger to jogging. But lap swimming? Damn.

I subtracted 2 units of insulin from my morning pancakes dose, which I though might be overkill because, hey, 2 units is what I kick off when I’m doing 40 minutes of cardio. But better safe than sorry, right?

I forgot that swimming is a full body exercise, and there’s a reason that Phelps eats 12,000 calories a day.

After clawing through the last of my laps, I came home and tested my sugar, expecting that I would have to do a correction.

Oh, no.

I was a perfect 95.

After only 10 minutes of swimming.

When I get up to 20 minutes I’ll be subtracting *4* units of insulin from breakfast in order to get through it. That’s pretty awesome.

I love that I can judge energy output entirely based on how much or how little insulin I have to shoot myself up with…. heh heh. My life measured in units of insulin.

So: swimming was embarrassingly tough this morning, but I got there, I did it, and the ear plugs made a big difference. As did the moment when my old swimming instructor’s voice came back to me, “Kick kick kick!” and I realized I wasn’t kicking enough. Things went much more smoothly and quickly after that.

I also need to figure out how to rotate instead of just plowing through while horizontal, which is one of the reasons why it’s so fatiguing right now. I’m wasting a lot of movement and losing my balance.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, seriously.

Stuff I Fucking Hate

August 31, 2008

I cut a bunch yesterday, so this is about another 2k.

I fucking hate this book. Must mean it’s almost fucking done.

Weekend Training

August 30, 2008

Working out on weekends is new to me. At least, I haven’t done it since Alaska, when I had a lot of time and very long summer days.

According to the training schedule, Mondays and Fridays are my off days, so today was 20 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes jogging. It’s easy enough now that I’ll be upping my jogging speed, which is cool. It’s fun to be stronger than you thought you were.

Tomorrow is swimming. Let’s get in the full 10 minutes this time, OK? For serious. I’ll also be bringing my ear plugs (the ones I use for when I go shooting, funny enough). I’ve always had trouble with my ears, and just one swimming session was enough to remind me of them. I spent two days shaking water out of my head.

So. Onward.

Snip snip

August 30, 2008

Cut about six pages of crap that wasn’t working, which pissed me off.

Then dithered around writing bits and pieces of personal emails and rants. Those, at least, did not piss me off.

Where’s my whiskey?

Things I Need Tonight

August 30, 2008

Loud music and whiskey.

I don’t have any whiskey around, but oh yeah, we’ve got the loud music in spades.

And I think I have two beers in the fridge.

Burn Notice

August 29, 2008

This is a smart, funny little show that does a lot of things I want to accomplish with Nyx and co.

You’ve got the gun-toting former IRA member ex-girlfriend, the alcoholic FBI-informing best friend (played by Bruce Campbell. Seriously!), the chain smoking hypochondriac mother who’s really bad at being a mom, and the ex-spy who’s gotten a “burn notice” i.e. been kicked out of spy business by a mysertious 3rd party.

There’s the overarching story – the spy wants to find out who kicked him out and get back in – and then there’s the story in each episode where our spy does good works and solves little mysteries, runs local jobs, blowing up cars and saving key witnesses and little old ladies and etc. for cash (all of his accounts have been frozen).

So you get to watch him and his quirky team – who have their own history together – work stuff out and screw up jobs on occasion (“Here’s what happens when you attach the bugging device to the gas tank instead of the electrical system”), and best of all, the ex-spy is incredibly good at what he does, but woefully bad at relationships. Not just with his on again/off again love interest, no, but with, well, everyone. He just doesn’t get it. The scenes where he’s trying so hard to say the right thing during an emotional situation just make me laugh. He’s far more comfortable blowing shit up.

It’s also set in Miami, and hey, sun, sand, and surf are pretty nice. Thus far, there’s been no “new chick he could possibly be romantically involved with” per episode, the way you see even in stuff like The Dresden Files series. Which wasn’t done so badly there – there was more a possibility than an actual inevitability that every chick in every episode would be a damsel in distress he’d get it on with – but it’s a noticeable difference here in the first three episodes that I do like (this could change, but I enjoy it so far).

I like that he’s got no money, he likes guns and hitting things, he’s terribly short on friends, and he’s really bad at connecting with people.

Basically, I like that he reminds me of a way cooler version of me.

Now, give me a chick hero like this, folks. Cause though Fiona is a pretty awesome character, the actress who plays her looks hungry and terribly breakable most of the time. I keep thinking she’s going to trip over her feet and snap her spine or something.

But: her character doesn’t suck. Nor does the mom. And if you look at the “main players” ratio, it’s an even split between male and female main characters. You’ve got Campbell and the spy, and Fiona and the mom in primary, recurring roles. And mom and Fiona are powerhouse characters who take active, strategic roles in every episode. They aren’t one-off or passive, and they get and give just as much as the guys.

Now, tell me how often that happens?

(and then: make a show like this with a chick lead! Until then, I’ll be waiting around for Sarah Conner to show up again)