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The Weird Turn Pro

December 31, 2008


Weapons for Her

December 31, 2008

Japan has made several other contributions to the world of womanly weaponry, most of them used by the female ninjas known as kunoichi, who began slipping through the shadows in the 1500s. The kunoichi’s secret weapons included poisons, blinding powders and stealth weapons like the kushi (hair comb), kasa (umbrella), kakute (spiked ring), nekote (steel claws or fingernails) and hari (sharpened needle). These dual-function weapons went mostly undetected on kunoichi disguised as dewy-eyed geishas, but each could be used to kill, and the kunoichi trained hard to do so, quickly and quietly. Worn as jewelry, the kakute made it easy to slice a throat; the kushi could be holding hair one moment and stabbing a vital organ the next.


December 31, 2008

Apparently, you can indeed upload videos to YouTube. They just take a really awfully long time. I’ll be playing with this new camcorder during the break so I hope it’s not just, you know, broken.

Too Much to Do, Too Little Time

December 30, 2008

Someday, writing will steal my soul!

All I Want For Christmas

December 29, 2008

Due to the staggering cost of plane flights, I ended up staying in Dayton for the holiday, which wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened, but I do miss spending Christmas on the Oregon Coast.

In any case, had a pretty fantastic Christmas this year with J. Too much Chipotle and carmel corn was eaten, also there were gift exchanges and much silliness. Which just sort of seems to happen. The silliness, that is.

J. got me the much-needed printer, which is super awesome and makes me uber gleeful. He also got me copies of Rosetta Stone, French level 2 & 3, which is just about the best thing ever, and kick started me back into my French study. It sure beats playing video games.

My parents sent me a fine electric mixer (it’s red!), and David sent over a fine array of gourmet cheeses (always appreciated!) which showed up right on time on Christmas eve. Stephanie gifted me with a fine bonsai and pony ornament, which shall take center stage after I paint it some gaudy but appropriate color. Which I will do with the airbrush paint set that J. also discovered was far more useful for my pony mods than his miniatures.

I spent a little time over the break on some dayjob projects (that’ll teach me to check my work email), but they, too, were generous over the holidays, and I arrived back in the office to find that we’d all been gifted with one of these fine toys.

Video blogging here I come! Apparently it creates videos perfectly compatible with YouTube. But man, I don’t know if the world can handle a Kameron Hurley channel. Mainly, it will be about blood, bugs, and injustice!

Or something.

As said, I spent much of Christmas in and around bed with J., reading books, watching movies, and eating out and in. There was much cooking, and aforementioned silliness. All in all, a good vacation.

Next year, tho, I want more time off and more cash. I ended up digging out the credit card there at the end and putting about $100 on it. Blast it all.

Still far better than usual, but not ideal.

The best part?

I get Thursday and Friday off this week as well, and will be spending time up in Cincinnati with J. watching Spamalot.

Yeah, yeah, I know:

Too much boyfriend, not enough rollerderby.

Working on that.

Stay tuned.

You’ve Been Warned!

December 29, 2008

Stuff & Things

December 27, 2008

I am alive. I am full of stuff and things.


30 PPM.

It prints double-sided.

That is all.

Quote of the Day

December 23, 2008

“The objection to fairy stories is that they tell children there are dragons. But children have always known there are dragons. Fairy stories tell children that dragons can be killed.”

-G.K. Chesterton

Yucky People

December 23, 2008

My tolerance for yucky people has lessended considerably as I’ve aged.

Doesn’t this stuff make you sick?

December 20, 2008

I’m having more and more days where I’m really not proud or comfortable with the idea of identifying as “America.”

Americans don’t do this. Or torture people. Or… well, yeah. Yeah, we do.


I just don’t identify with this country anymore.