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Another Wicked-Cool Cover

February 27, 2009

Here’s to hoping that the God’s War cover will be this awesome:


My Kind of Jane Austen

February 26, 2009

I never really got the whole Jane Austen thing. They were amusing books, sure, and well written, but I could take or leave them.

I admit that I’d heard of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies several weeks ago. I thought it was a stupid joke. Then I thought it sounded silly. I mean, come on, what is that, a mashup of Jane Austen and Zombies? What the hell does that mean?

Today I found a sample of what it means, and I have to say it:

This is my kind of Jane Austen.

Writery Updatery

February 25, 2009

Now that GW line edits are back safely with my editor, I also have an official “first week of June” turn-in date for book 2, so it’s time to polish it up.

Working on getting through the stalled line edits on Black Desert now so I can get it out to first readers by March 1st.

It’s good to feel like there’s progress again. Things had stalled out there for awhile. A good thing, since it meant I could concentrate on my day job and personal life for awhile, both of which are full of win.

I’ll be moving into a new place – an amazing restored Victorian – in this neighborhood come March 20th. Big housewarming party is nigh! (check out some of the other rehabbed houses in the neighborhood here).

It’s an amazing house, and it makes me feel old, respectable, and writerly.

Better yet? It’s shaking up my life a bit for the better. I always do better work when I’m living my life just a little bit on the edge (like trying to figure out how I’ll be paying for heat!).

Honestly, These Speeches Just Keep Getting Better

February 25, 2009

I haven’t been proud to be an American in over 10 years. I’m still, not, particularly, but I have hope that someday soon I will be.


February 21, 2009

My God, James McAvoy is hot. The pictures just don’t capture it. He’s pretty and all, but he goes from nice-looking to hot really quickly on camera. The first few scenes I’m like, “Huh, yeah, generic lead.” Then he starts warming up and I fall for him hard. He gets hotter every damn time I see him.

Also, why hasn’t Reese Witherspoon played actual leading roles likes this? Please, somebody write me a film where we see more of her range like this. Awesome.

The rest?

I was holding out for her to keep the nose the whole way through. Reads too much like, “Love yourself and you’ll magically transform into society’s expectation of beauty,” (tho the touch with the mother commenting on her looks after the nose vanish was brilliant) not “love yourself, and you’ll be just the same – only happier.”

Eh, parts of it seemed like progress? Other parts (wicked mother, evil witch, benevolent dad, aforementioned “beauty transformation” and I’m-really-not-buying-these-two-falling-in-love things) not so much.

What I’m Doing Tonight

February 19, 2009

Editor’s line edits are done. There are a few all-over book edits from the editorial letter that I need to squeeze into the narrative now, and the best way to do that is to read what I’ve got currently and adjust accordingly. This is my last big chance to get everything into the book that needs to be in the book… and pull out all the extraneous bits.

Good times ahead.

And yes, that’s my bug-tracking spreadsheet on top there. As you can see, I plan on filling out most of it during the read through.

The last two massive edits I did on this book prior to acceptance (for an editor at another publisher and for my agent, respectively), I added in a bunch of world building crap that I honestly have no memory of (magicians are allergic to gas lamps???).

I need a crash course in God’s War.

Public Responses to Sexist Behavior

February 18, 2009

I love how absolutely dazed and perplexed he looks in this video, like he has no idea he did something completely rude and inappropriate.

This is what got me about the whole boobgate thing. I realize that we, as women, are taught to make nice. We’re taught to just smile and take it. “Ha ha, yes, I’m just a squeeze toy.” But the more people who publicly make it clear that this behavior is not OK, the less we’ll see of it.

You’ll note his response to the incident later, “The real scandal was that she slapped me – not my boob grabbing!” There’s a whole subset of people who believe this is totally OK behavior.

I know we’re taught to grin and bear it. But that’s not the way you change the world.

Character Quote of the Day

February 18, 2009

From Babylon:

“We don’t get prizes in Nasheen for being pretty,” Nyx said.


February 18, 2009

A first reader of God’s War argued that there must be a better term for the wraps/cloth one uses to bind one’s breasts other than, “breast binding.”

I finally sat down and did some research tonight, and I’m telling you: I still can’t find a better term.

The closest I came to finding a less clunky term for it is a “binder.”

Bra, sports bra, breast wrap, wrap, binding, kimono, corset… but no actual term for a piece of clothing or wrap meant exclusively for the binding of the breasts.

Considering how many thousands of years women have been dressing up like men in order to gain more freedom in the world, I find it funny that I can’t find an actual term for this.

Anybody else know of one?

Drinking the Kool-Aid

February 17, 2009

I’m watching Obama’s Denver speech about the stimulus bill. I’ve read the pros and cons. I’ve listened to the GOP arguments (largely summed up by, “Soooooooooociiiaaaaaaaaliiiiiiiiiissssssssm!”). I understand everybody’s fears.

Yet we happily invested trillions of dollars into foreign wars over the last eight years while our own country failed. Wars that killed tens of thousands of innocent people.

And we’re not willing to invest in our own infrastructure? Our own country? Our own people? We’ll spend billions to rebuild Iraq… but not our own country?

There’s a great TED talk by Bill Gates where he points out that there are huge, important initiatives that will never be addressed by the free market. His example was malaria. Hundreds of thousands die of malaria in poor countries. There’s no free market drive to prevent these deaths… because there’s no money in it.

I was reminded of what Lyndon B. Johnson said when he desegregated schools. To paraphrase, “Sometimes we don’t do things because they’re popular. We do them because they’re right.”

(Also, why does the president have to sign the bill ten times? That was a neat bit of trivia)