So, what are ya’ll doing next Thursday?

I will be one of 8 guest speakers at Dayton’s first Pechu Kucha night held at C{space (20 N. Jefferson St.) in downtown Dayton, OH on Thursday, August 27th (that’s next Thursday!).

Doors open at 6:30 pm for mingling. Program starts at 7:20 (if you’re just coming for me… (oohhhh, imagine that!!) I’m currently on the program as the second-to-last speaker. Each presentation is just 6 min 40 secs, so you do the math).

I’ll be talking about, “Why science fiction (and/or fantasy)?” as a popular creative medium. This will also brush up on the old “Where do all your ideas come from?” question, and I will try not to be snarky about it. The person who asked me to participate in this event is largely unfamiliar with my work, so I think they’re going to be a little startled with my answers.

Should be a good time.

Admission is $20, but includes free beer and sandwiches. I’m not actually getting paid for this, so best guess is the $$ are going toward your beer and sandwiches… and supporting the Dayton creative community (?), etc. etc..

So if you come, indulge, and indulge often!


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