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God’s War Finds a New Publisher!

February 15, 2010

I am uber-pleased to announce that God’s War and its sequel, Infidel, have been accepted for publication by the ever-awesome Nightshade Books.

Most of ya’ll know that GW got lost in the shuffle at another publisher last year, so I’m pretty pleased to find it a home again – and a pretty awesome home at that.

The best part being, of course:

THE COVER WILL NOT SUCK (you can take a look at some Nightshade covers here). 

Looking like GW will be out the first half of next year (2011), so the wait is still on (publishing is a very slow business), but it’s got a home again. Progress is being made. Huzzah!

Stay tuned.


God’s War Update

November 6, 2009

Guest post over at Ecstatic Days about Surviving the Book Contract that Wasn’t.

Another Interesting Tidbit

August 21, 2009

This was a tidbit of particular interest to me from the article I link to below:

Indeed, some scholars say they believe the reason Muslim countries have been disproportionately afflicted by terrorism is not Islamic teachings about infidels or violence but rather the low levels of female education and participation in the labor force.

Like everyone else, I, too, am curious about how a female dominated society whipped up into religious fervor would act. There’s a lot of reasoning that societies of women will be inherently more peaceful than those where men predominate in public life.

As you’ll see in God’s War (and much of my short fiction), this isn’t a belief I ascribe to. The issue may not even be religion (see the recent reaction in the U.S. to healthcare reform). I think there’s a deeply human fear of change and “the other,” and I just don’t believe that switching the genders of the participants will change anything.

It’s like saying that since I’m a woman, it’s impossible for me to be a misogynist. Um, hello? I was raised in a misogynist society. I’ve said on many occasions that I’m one of the biggest misogynists I know. I’m *aware* of that casual misogyny (and casual racism, also a byproduct of growing up in a racist society), and I work hard every day to fight it. But if you put somebody – no matter their gender – into a society that glorifies war/conquest/God/bloody triumph, you will create a violent people.

Viking women spent a good deal of time alone on their islands while men were away, and they were more than capable of slaughtering any wayward band of mauraders who came their way. I think that glorifying violence is what makes people violent. If violence truly was considered repugnant, effeminate (for lack of a better word), cowardly, debase, and truly morally wrong under any circumstances, our lives – in a society run by women or men – would be far different.

The question then being, “Are societies of women less likely to glorify violence than societies of men?” To which I’d reply, “It depends.”

Where did their beliefs come from? Have they risen to “power” from within a violent society? Did they have to do it violently? Is there religion/society already glorifying violence? How would they distort themselves to fit the culture? Because let’s take a good, hard look at how women distort themselves to fit into our culture. Think about that for a minute. Old beliefs remain, and if you’re a women dominated society that’s constantly under attack from the outside, you’re either going to find ways to defend yourself… or your women-friendly society isn’t going to last very long.


July 7, 2009

I think the reason so many porn spammers try to follow Nyx is because she uses the word “fuck” a lot.

Spring 2010

April 6, 2009

I was editing an RFI at work today that mentioned the date, “Spring 2010.”

My immediate thought was, “My book comes out in Spring 2010.”

I’ve started to associate that ENTIRE PHRASE “Spring 2010” with the release of God’s War.

Heaven forbid when I actually get a solid release date.

White Phosphorus Used in Gaza

March 29, 2009

These jelly-fish cloud bursts are about what I imagined Nasheenian/Chenjan bursts would look like in God’s War.

As noted in the video, it’s illegal as per the Geneva conventions.

What I’m Doing Tonight

February 19, 2009

Editor’s line edits are done. There are a few all-over book edits from the editorial letter that I need to squeeze into the narrative now, and the best way to do that is to read what I’ve got currently and adjust accordingly. This is my last big chance to get everything into the book that needs to be in the book… and pull out all the extraneous bits.

Good times ahead.

And yes, that’s my bug-tracking spreadsheet on top there. As you can see, I plan on filling out most of it during the read through.

The last two massive edits I did on this book prior to acceptance (for an editor at another publisher and for my agent, respectively), I added in a bunch of world building crap that I honestly have no memory of (magicians are allergic to gas lamps???).

I need a crash course in God’s War.


February 18, 2009

A first reader of God’s War argued that there must be a better term for the wraps/cloth one uses to bind one’s breasts other than, “breast binding.”

I finally sat down and did some research tonight, and I’m telling you: I still can’t find a better term.

The closest I came to finding a less clunky term for it is a “binder.”

Bra, sports bra, breast wrap, wrap, binding, kimono, corset… but no actual term for a piece of clothing or wrap meant exclusively for the binding of the breasts.

Considering how many thousands of years women have been dressing up like men in order to gain more freedom in the world, I find it funny that I can’t find an actual term for this.

Anybody else know of one?

What are you doing in the Spring of 2010?

January 8, 2009

I’ll likely be in Peru.

Well, that’s what I was supposed to be doing, but I’ll likely be promoting God’s War instead, as it looks like it’ll be pushed back from a Fall 09 to a Spring 10 release date.

This is due mainly to all the craziness at my publisher currently (and in the publishing world in general). I’d figured this was likely to happen cause, you know, the book was sold a year ago and… no copyedits as yet. It was sort of inevitable that the book would be pushed back.

I don’t have too many complaints – the book’s still being published, and 2010 will likely be a better time to be a debut author (2010, man, look at that, that’s like the future or something).

In the meantime, a Spring 10 release date means I’ve got to wait even longer before selling more books (my publisher gets first right of refusal on my next book, which I can’t present to them until I deliver book 3). And in the short fiction world, well, I haven’t been writing much of it. I figured I’d just churn out books happily…

Now I’m feeling like a seriously slacker writer. Nothing of mine will see print until 2010? Bummer.

So, I’m back to toodling with some short fiction pieces. There was a time when I strove to keep about 10-15 stories in the mail all the time. Whatever happened to those days? Ok, well, I guess I sold the sellable stories, is what happened, and then never created more.

Yeah, yeah.

I’m working toward creating a backlog again. It’s been kind of refreshing. I’ve been stuck in the GW world for so long that I think a part of me has gotten bored and stale with it – which is funny because it’s an awesome world – I’m just so brain-rutted about it that I’ve ceased to be able to push my imagination as far as it needs to go, in some instances, and I can see that when I’m going back to rewrite book 2.

We’ll see if some short fiction can help jutter something loose.

P.S. Peru will be way better in October anyway!!

You Know You Want To: Nyx on Twitter

November 4, 2008

Nyx is on Twitter! Now chronicling the wild, roaring 20s of her early career prior to God’s War

Check out: Nyxnissa.